Websites for Mobile Devices

pronounced "yours 2" has been serving the Inland Empire area since 1994.
We started with dial up Internet access, web site design, hosting and maintenance.

We made the internet yours too.

However, times have changed. Dial-up internet access is a thing of the past.
If you keep your land line, DSL is cheaper and faster.
If you cancel your land line, cable is cheaper and faster.

So, urs2 is moving away from from being a dial-up ISP.
urs2 will continue to serve the needs for web site design, hosting and maintenance.

Everyone, knows the importance of having a good-looking website.
We're sure you spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money developing your website.

Times are changing. With the increase in "mobile devices" cell phones, tablets and Ipads. There is a growing need for websites that work well on the "mobile devices".

Here are some things that you should know about websites on a "mobile devices".

~"Mobile devices" have a smaller screen therefore a regular website is hard to read
~Tables/graphs do not look good on a mobile device.
~Mobile devices have different orientations (portrait and landscape) and your regular website may not look right in either or both.
~Videos do not auto play or play at all on a lot of mobile devices.
~Hover effects or drop down menus may not work on mobile devices.
~Multi-column websites do not look good in mobile phones.
~Mobile sites should load fast.

Should you have a mobile version of your website?

Yes, if you want to tap into the growing "mobile device" consumer group that wants and needs your service(s) immediately.

Yes, if your current regular website doesn't fit or work well on a "mobile device".

But, should you decide that you don't need or want a website that works on a "mobile device" remember, your competitor will thank you.

We're sure he will appreciate the extra business.


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